The Eagles are going to Seattle

The Eagles’ men’s and women’s teams will be flying to Seattle July 7 for a day of football in the northwest against the hosts and Portland.

Seattle is one of the largest teams in the USAFL, fielding two men’s teams and a women’s team at the National Tournament last year in San Diego.

Both Seattle and Portland men’s teams competed strongly in San Diego, with Seattle’s A team winning the Division III trophy and Portland winning 2 of 3 games in its Division II pool.

The two west coasters will be a good test for the newly formed DC Eagles, which will be readjusting this season after splitting with Baltimore at the end of 2017. The combined Baltimore-Washington outfit qualified for Division I in San Diego and was one of the strongest teams of the year.

The Lady Eagles, meanwhile, will be hoping to rebound against the Portland Sockeyes after being soundly defeated at last year’s National Tournament. The Sockeyes kept the Lady Eagles scoreless in the game, while Seattle’s women’s team competed in a higher division.

The Eagles are also excited to be hosting the Chicago and Baltimore men’s teams on September 15. The Swans would have last remembered playing DC and Baltimore as one team, but on this day, all three will be competing against each other.

The combined Baltimore-Washington team visited Chicago last August, defeating the Swans on their home turf by six goals. Chicago will no doubt be looking to leave DC with two wins under their belt.

These two dates will play a major role in determining which division DC will qualify for at this year’s National Tournament in Racine, Wisconsin, in October.

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