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2018 marks the inaugural season for the club as the DC Eagles, registered as a 501(c)(3). However, our history goes back to 1998. DC was originally part of a joint team with our northern neighbor under the banner of the Baltimore-Washington Eagles.


The Eagles have traditionally been one of the more competitive teams in the USAFL. Below is a list of our past achievements:

2017 – Champions: Division I USAFL Eastern Regional Tournament in Raleigh

2017 – Champions: Arctic Cup in Iceland

2016 – Champions: Division II USAFL Eastern Regional Tournament in New York City

2008 – Runner-ups: Division I USAFL National Tournament in Colorado Springs

2006 – Champions: Division II USAFL National Tournament in Las Vegas

1999 – Champions: Division II USAFL National Tournament in Cincinnati


The Baltimore-Washington Eagles was one of the original teams to join the United States Australian Football League (USAFL) in 1998, and we have fielded men’s and women’s teams since. Australian Rules football started in the DMV area as a competition among Australian expats between the Australian Embassy and Baltimore, before developing into a joint team that entered the USAFL in 1998.

The Eagles experienced immediate success in the USAFL with victory in the Division II Championship in 1999. The early 2000s, however, saw a club that largely receded from the upper echelons of the competition, becoming more of a social network for newcomers to the Beltway.


Our fortunes shifted in 2006 when we returned to the winners list, taking out the Division II Championship in Las Vegas. We remained one of the strongest sides in the league for several seasons, with the club competing in Division I from 2007 to 2011, and losing the Division I Championship in 2008 to an all-star Canadian team.

The Eagles were, however, the best American team that year.


The team fell into decline between 2011 and 2015, dropping to the lowest division, Division IV, in 2015.

However, the club experienced a revival in 2016 largely due to the dedication of two new coaches from Australia–former Collingwood player Dannie Seow and former Gold Coast Suns development assistant Dean Vigus. Their arrival had an immediate impact on-field, with the Eagles jumping from Division IV in 2015 to Division I in 2017.

Under the leadership of Seow and Vigus, the club underwent a major recruitment drive within the DMV community. The efforts paid off with a large enough membership to support two new football teams.

In late 2017, club members voted to expand into two independent clubs: the Baltimore Dockers and the DC Eagles.

Affiliation with the West Coast Eagles

The DC Eagles proudly draws its colors, logo and name from its sister club in Australia’s pro-league, the West Coast Eagles. West Coast is one of two Western Australian teams to compete in the Australian Football League and has been a major supporter of the development of Australian Rules football in the DMV area.

Our Board

  • Molly Halberstadt
    Molly Halberstadt President
  • Jordan Minot
    Jordan Minot Treasurer
  • Olivia Tritschler
    Olivia Tritschler Secretary
  • Dannie Seow
    Dannie Seow Football Director

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